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Sep 20, 2019

Hello borderless friends. I am especially thrilled to be publishing this interview with the fascinating Sam Bankman-Fried. While studying physics at MIT Sam came across effective altruism - this is a research field that finds the most promising solutions to the world's pressing problems. Sam decided that he can have the biggest impact in solving these problems by making money as a trader and donating it to important causes. In 2017, he launched Alameda research to address the liquidity problems he saw in the growing crypto industry. Two years later, his team is trading an average of $1B a day across crypto markets, they are among the top 3 most profitable traders on BitMex, having realized profits exceeding $50M. The team has already donated $4M to save human lives, prevent animal suffering, and research AI. I believe Sam, Alameda, and their new exchange FTX are just getting started. I loved this talk and I hope you love it as well.