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May 28, 2019

In this episode, I meet Nathan Worsley - the Chief Technical Officer at LocalCoinSwap - a P2P cryptocurrency exchange, allowing anyone globally to buy and sell crypto assets directly with each other securely, completely privately, without any KYC using over 250 different payment methods. This is yet another project that is removing financial borders and therefore I had to feature them on the Borderless Crypto podcast. Even if you are in countries which ban crypto, like Venezuela for example, with the LocalCoinSwap platform you can still buy Bitcoin, Ether, Stablecoins and escape your local reality.

In this talk, Nathan shares his story of entering crypto in 2011, how he traded crypto in the early days, how he and his team raised a $12M ICO and everything around LocalCoinSwap and its company challenges. Nathan also shares his investment philosophy, which stands out from what most investors in the space do.

LocalCoinSwap and Nathan’s Contact:

Evangelists who converted Nathan into crypto:

  • Satoshi Nakamoto & his Bitcoin White Paper
  • Nathan also learned a lot from Gavin Anderson (@gavinandresen)

Nathan recommends reading and following: