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Nov 13, 2019

This is an insightful conversation with Matt Houghan, the head of research at Bitwise Asset Management. Bitwise is the first provider of cryptoasset index funds. In my view, these are very important tools for the growth of crypto’s market cap as they allow accredited and institutional investors to easily enter the crypto asset investment class.

Before entering crypto, Matt was the CEO of, where he created the first-ever ETF data analytics system. He is also the person behind the biggest ETF conference and the biggest ETF website.

Matt and I discuss the history of gold along with the recent introduction of tokenized gold coins. Matt goes on to explain why he doesn’t hold gold in his personal portfolio but instead he does hold bitcoin and other crypto assets. He further outlines the characteristics which make Bitcoin an emerging store of value and he draws some absolutely fascinating similarities between the history of gold and the history of bitcoin.