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Apr 29, 2019

This time I present you Hart Lambur, the CEO and founder of Universal Market Access, also known as UMA. UMA recently took over crypto media with the announcement of the USStocks token, which allows anyone with access to the internet to participate in the US stock market. The fact that UMA breaks literally all financial borders made it absolutely necessary for me to have them on the podcast. While the project is still in its early days, its potential is hard to understate. UMA is building the infrastructure that will allow even people in the lowest income bracket to build a diverse investment portfolio or to get exposure to assets that are today accessible only to large institutional investors.

This conversation was super interesting for me. Hart is an extremely intelligent person on a mission to break financial borders. He helped me learn what financial derivatives are, how you can benefit from the price increase of an asset, without actually owning that asset, and how transparent financial derivatives built on UMA will positively affect the financial world. I hope you enjoy this talk, just like I did.

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