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Jun 9, 2019

Today I am talking to Bill Ottman, the founder, and CEO of - the social media platform, which unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is 100% open source - meaning their software code is completely public. That’s right anyone can read their code and see what data Minds gathers and how they use it. What’s more, leverages the blockchain with its ERC-20 token which users earn by contributing to the platform and they can spend to promote their content on the platform.

Among many other things Bill shares first - what sets apart from existing social media giants, second - he gives us a recipe on how to build your profile and grow your followers on so that you get way more engagement than what you are getting on FB, Twitter, etc…., third - Bill provides us with a list of open-source products, which fully respect your rights and do not sell your user data.

Minds and Bill’s Contact:


Bill recommends:

Open source alternatives to closed-source products -